Automated Reference Checking

Reference check anything with GDPR and eSignature consent.

Loved by companies worldwide

AutoRefs is a multi-purpose software used in organisations from all kinds of sizes and sectors including
healthcare, hospitality, education, recruitment, retail and more. Use it for HR, Sales, Finance or anything!

Why AutoRefs®?

1. Question Profiles Black Green

Question Profiles

Obtain critical applicant information to improve hiring process.

2. Automated Reminders Black Green

Automated Reminders

Set reminder schedules to applicants and send manual reminders.

3.eSignature Consent B G

eSignature Consent

AutoRefs captures signed consent from both the applicant and referee.

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No need to tirelessly follow-up applicants and referees for references, centrally manage all reference checking from the portal.

How AutoRefs® works​

Modernise your reference checking procedure with automated reminders, personalised question profiles and bulk reference checking. AutoRefs removes GDPR compliance risks and helps improve your HR due diligence. 


Create Reference Requests

Applicant receives email/sms with reference request and provides referee details. GDPR & eSignature consent captured.


Referees Provided by Applicants

Referees receive request for reference and confirm employment dates as well as your questions about the applicant.


References Collected!

Once reference has been provided, you are notified and can download a professional reference report. Reference obtained successfully!

Streamline your onboarding process with AutoRefs

AutoRefs can be used for any kind of application form by both employers and traders to streamline applicant and client reference checking.

Personalise Question Profiles

Use our question builder to pre-define the questions you require from your reference checking or simply validate employment dates.

Yes, absolutely. Requesters can personalise their questions using various field formats. You can also choose from a list of pre-defined questions.

No. The applicants and referees simply receive a safe & secure link from which they respond to your reference request and do not need to create an account.

No. You can simply use AutoRefs for your temporary reference checking requirements by purchasing credits rather than a subscription. 

No, you are able to add as many references as you wish and keep them centrally stored on AutoRefs forever.

AutoRefs® is for everyone

Our solution is universal allowing organisations from all over the
world to benefit from automated reference checking.

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