How AutoRefs works

Our cloud based reference checking system automates the communication process between a company,
their applicant and the referee, cutting out paper-based reference checking and calls from your HR process.

1. Requester Creates Request

Requester personalises questions and creates a reference request.

Applicant Provides References

Applicant receives email and provides referee details.

Referees Provide Reference

Referees answer your questions and provides reference.

Streamline your onboarding process with AutoRefs

AutoRefs can be used for any kind of application form by both employers and traders to streamline applicant and client reference checking.
  • Increase reference response rate

  • Cut call time chasing references

  • Improve due diligence on applications

  • Accept better applications

AutoRef Features

Start saving crucial recruitment time by using AutoRefs to centrally manage all reference checking. No more need to tirelessly follow-up referees for references. With AutoRefs, not only can you collect references in minutes, but improve your hiring quality.


Our reference checking tool is very easy-to-use for the employer, candidate and referee.

Personalise Questions

Obtain critical applicant information to improve hiring process.

Customise Reminders

Set reminder schedules to applicants or send manual reminders.

Centrally Store

Use AutoRefs to keep hold of all references and easily find in future.

Subscription or Credits

Use AutoRefs on either a pay-as-you-go basis or subscribe for discounts.

Improve Compliance

Using AutoRefs means you have a clearer background check process.

Useful for HR Teams, Recruitment Agencies, Traders,
Education & Hospitality sectors, Real Estate and more!

Improve Reference Collection Rates

AutoRefs, helps you collect references for any kind of application. Applicants provide referees and the referees provide their reference. Improve reference collection quality and collection rates to hire better applicants and accept only the best applications for your organisation.
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Reference Check Flow

See below to understand how AutoRefs improves reference checking time.

Requester Creates Reference Request

Requester creates a reference request by providing details of the candidate and selecting a question profile.

Applicant Provides Referees

Your applicant responds to AutoRefs request by providing all referee details on a secure AutoRefs link.

Referees Provide Reference

The referee's of your applicant receive a professional reference request and respond to your questions.

Buy Credits or Subscriptions

We have made AutoRefs accessible for all organisation sizes. You can purchase credits on-demand or purchase a monthly subscription plan to receive discounts. You can upgrade or downgrade at anytime. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.
20% Discount
20% Discount

Get 10 reference requests per month at a 20% discount.

Save £20 Per Month

£79.99 /mo

30% Discount
30% Discount

Get 50 references requests per month at a 30% discount.

Save £150 Per Month

£350.00 /mo

50% Discount
50% Discount

Get 100 reference requests per month at a 50% discount.

Save £500 per month

£500.00 /mo

Question Profiles

Personalise questionnaire

Automate Reminders

Don't miss a reference

Cloud Hosted

Centrally Store References

Improve Quality

Improve your application process

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below some frequently asked questions by AutoRefs users.

Yes, absolutely. Requesters can personalise their questions using various field formats. You can also choose from a list of pre-defined questions.

No. The applicants and referees simply receive a safe & secure link from which they respond to your reference request and do not need to create an account.

No. You can simply use AutoRefs for your temporary reference checking requirements by purchasing credits rather than a subscription. 

No, you are able to add as many references as you wish and keep them centrally stored on AutoRefs forever.

What AutoRefs Clients

We have trialled AutoRefs from with all kinds of sectors including the private sector, education & healthcare, professional services, agencies and more. All love it.
Jack Sherman

Jack Sherman

Recruitment Agency

We use AutoRefs for our recruitment agency as a standard protocol. The amount we spend on AutoRefs supersedes the amount we save on HR Time.

Aliyah Johnson

Aliyah Johnson

Real Estate

We use AutoRefs to check tenant references and provide confidence to landlords when taking on new tenants.

Martin Holmes

Martin Holmes


We use AutoRefs to collect student application references. The process is a lo easier and has reduced paperwork.

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