AutoRefs vs Referoo

AutoRefs is a complete reference-checking platform that can scale to any size, while Referoo is targeted more at SMEs. 

AutoRefs brings professional referencing into the modern era through intelligent automation and collaboration. It transforms the traditionally tedious process of collecting personal and professional references during hiring and onboarding. 

What is AutoRefs?

HR departments use AutoRefs to simplify gathering information from previous employers, long-time colleagues, universities, and more. Its intuitive interface guides users from initial outreach through gathering actionable information. 

Built for flexibility, AutoRefs customises to various industries and global compliance needs. It also integrates with existing tools through Zapier, letting you use Asana, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, and other apps alongside it. 

Who should use AutoRefs?

AutoRefs is ideal for any organisation that conducts reference checks, such as human resources teams responsible for screening applicants, sales departments verifying prospective partners, legal firms ensuring rigorous background checks, compliance officers confirming adherence to regulations, and more. Companies with numerous users and teams, such as Global Corps, benefit from unlimited users. 

What makes AutoRefs fantastic?

AutoRefs offers streamlined reference management through features such as a centralised dashboard to configure frequency, channels, and end dates for applicant and referee reminders to maximise response rates. 

Team Management

Team management capabilities allow bulk additions of unlimited users, customisable permissions, and segmentation of any number of internal teams and external partners to facilitate collaboration. Bulk Changes enables downloading complete datasets as editable CSVs for large-scale modifications to entries in the References table, Designations dictionary, Applicant Notes repository, and Relationship options. 

Questions Bank

The Questions Bank centralises the library of reference questions to eliminate redundant efforts in crafting templates. Robust filtering surfaces targeted, role-specific questions. AutoRefs empowers users to complete customisable, high-quality reference checks at scale by automating tedious tasks. 

Benefits and features

What is Referoo?

Referoo is cloud-based reference checking and recruitment software. It streamlines the reference checking process for employers, gathering comprehensive, candid insights from references while requiring little time investment from recruiters. 

Referoo aims to improve the quality of hire by uncovering previously unknown details about candidates. Its automated reference requests pose the right questions to draw out red flags and positive signals, allowing employers to make more informed hiring decisions. 

Who should use Referoo?

Referoo is designed for many organisations aiming to improve their talent acquisition process. The platform is extremely valuable for any employer that depends on reference checks to thoroughly vet candidates and make final hiring decisions. 

Specifically, Referoo provides the most utility for high-volume recruiters like staffing and recruiting agencies. Since these firms need to place candidates into roles quickly, having an automated and efficient referencing solution saves them significant time and effort. The platform also benefits human resource departments tasked with screening applicants for various roles across the organisation. 

What makes Referoo fantastic?

A major benefit of Referoo is that it simplifies the entire referencing process for busy recruiting teams swamped with hiring responsibilities. At the same time, it produces more detailed and revealing testimonials from references through tailored conversational requests. This empowers recruiters of all sizes to make well-informed, data-backed hiring choices based on candid recommendations. 

Benefits and features


the differences

While AutoRefs and Referoo aim to streamline and automate the reference-checking process, they target slightly different users and use cases. AutoRefs is an end-to-end reference management platform suitable for HR teams, legal firms, and compliance officers conducting extensive background checks and referencing. It focuses on centralising and customising all aspects of gathering professional references at scale. 

Referoo specifically targets recruiters and talent acquisition teams who need to screen high volumes of applicants quickly. It aims to uncover revealing insights through automated, conversational reference requests to help hiring managers make more informed decisions. 

Ultimately, AutoRefs gathers complete, compliant references across the employee lifecycle. In contrast, Referoo concentrates solely on streamlining referencing during the recruiting process to improve the quality of hiring through detailed testimonials. The former manages all references, while the latter checks references to place candidates. 

Which should you choose?

If you need to systemise the entire process of collecting professional and personal references for roles across the employee lifecycle, choose AutoRefs. With features to completely manage outbound requests, incoming responses, template customisation, bulk edits, reminders, analytics, and more, it works for verifying candidates, onboarding new hires and promotions, and maintaining regulatory compliance. 

If your primary goal is accelerating recruiting by gathering more detailed testimonials to make better hiring decisions, use Referoo. By automating tailored, conversational reference questions and reviews via phone, text, and email, Referoo serves fast-paced recruiters, and talent acquisition teams focused solely on vetting new applicants. 

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