AutoRefs vs RefNow

AutoRefs and RefNow automate reference checking, but AutoRefs offers more features for high-volume recruiting. 

AutoRefs is an intuitive software platform built from the ground up to revolutionise reference and background checks for modern organisations. It moves the traditionally tedious, manual process into the digital era through powerful automation, collaboration tools, and data analytics. 

What is AutoRefs?

At its core, AutoRefs streamlines collecting professional and personal references for candidates during the screening and onboarding process. Whether a reference letter from a former employer, a character endorsement from a long-time peer, or essential identity confirmation from a university, AutoRefs handles the process start-to-finish. 

Its unmatched scope includes customisation for various industries, global compliance standards, and integrations with existing infrastructure. 

Who should use AutoRefs?

Organisations that hire frequently and handle checking references at scale would benefit enormously from AutoRefs through time savings. Bulk editing records, reusing question banks, and simplifying reference templates allow human resources teams and hiring managers to reduce repetitive manual work during high-volume hiring– ideal for any industry with a high employee turnover. 

What makes AutoRefs fantastic?

AutoRefs brings order to the entire reference-checking process through an intelligent dashboard that provides oversight and control over reference requests, allowing for the configuration of reminder frequency and end dates to maximise response rates. 

Teams can collaborate with unlimited users and administrative controls to match any organisation’s structure and workflows. It enables bulk editing of thousands of records at once through CSV uploads to save enormous time on data administration. 

AutoRefs also simplifies the creation of professional references for former employees and auto-filling details to eliminate repetitive manual work. 

Benefits and features

What is RefNow?

RefNow takes the hassle out of employment reference checking. This automated software helps recruiters and hiring managers quickly build efficiency into the entire process. With RefNow, most reference checks are completed without manual chasing or effort – the intelligent automation follows up, verifies details, and generates reports on your behalf. 

Thousands of healthcare organisations, recruitment agencies, retailers and startups already use RefNow. They save significant time through true end-to-end automation while maintaining accuracy. Ultimately, RefNow enables more informed, data-driven hiring based on reliable reference checks obtained with ease. 

Who should use RefNow?

RefNow is ideal for recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals at healthcare organisations, recruitment agencies, retailers, startups, and other fast-growing SMBs looking to simplify reference checks. Its intelligent automation and centralised tracking hub can save significant administrative time while delivering reliable, compliant checks to support data-driven hiring decisions. 

What makes RefNow fantastic?


RefNow’s approach is fantastic for fast-growing SMBs because it strips away all complexities to inject speed and tracking into the fundamentals of reference checks. 



Recruiters can rapidly submit candidate requests in 30 seconds rather than getting bogged down in lengthy form fills. Everything syncs and updates in RefNow’s central data hub to give managers an instant overview of all references. 


Built-in task automation eliminates the manual follow-ups that can drag down HR admins, freeing them to focus on more valuable projects. RefNow’s system automatically issues reminders and follow-up nudges based on customisable timelines. 


On the compliance side, RefNow’s confirmation workflow and fraud detection analysis align with core regulations like GDPR, ensuring SMBs don’t run into privacy problems. 

Benefits and features


the differences

While AutoRefs and RefNow aim to streamline the reference-checking process, AutoRefs offers more robust features for large enterprises. With question banks, bulk editing, analytics, and extensive customisation, AutoRefs provides greater oversight and efficiency gains during high-volume recruiting. 

Conversely, RefNow focuses on simplifying referencing for SMBs. Its automation strips back to the essentials – fast submission, centralised tracking, reminders, and nudges – letting recruiters concentrate on more meaningful hiring initiatives rather than chasing references. 

Ultimately, the two solutions target different markets. AutoRefs brings clever automation to transform reference-checking at scale, while RefNow makes the fundamentals frictionless for most SMB recruiters. The choice is yours.  

Which should you choose?

AutoRefs goes further than RefNow with specialised question sets, custom software integrations, unlimited users and teams, in-depth analytics, tailored automation, and account management services that cater to complex organisational needs in healthcare, education, and hospitality. 

RefNow carries simpler reference efficiency gains and works well for small companies in most industries. It simplifies the entire employment reference process for recruiters and hiring managers, doing most of the heavy lifting so recruiters can focus on more meaningful hiring initiatives. The bottom line is that AutoRefs is better at scale while RefNow is decent for smaller companies with less than 10 users. 

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