AutoRefs vs Xref

AutoRefs and Xref are excellent reference-checking platforms, with AutoRefs‘ well-rounded automation winning the show. 

AutoRefs is an automated reference-checking software that streamlines obtaining references from job applicants. It allows employers to send reference requests to applicants who provide their referees’ contact details. AutoRefs contacts the referees and collects their responses to custom questions about the applicant. 

What is AutoRefs?

The system automates reminders, captures eSignature consent from applicants and referees for GDPR compliance, and generates reference reports that employers can download. AutoRefs aims to improve response rates, reduce reference collection times, enhance hiring quality, and ensure organisational compliance. 

AutoRefs also stands out for its ease of use and rapid implementation. The software can be quickly deployed across large and complex organisations. Despite supporting unlimited users and teams, it remains simple and user-friendly even at scale. 

Who should use AutoRefs?

AutoRefs can benefit hiring managers, recruiters, and HR professionals across all industries and organisation sizes. It saves time for busy talent acquisition teams by reducing manual follow-ups. The software is versatile enough to obtain any reference or application form. 

AutoRefs stands out for its ease of use and rapid implementation. It suits both one-off, temporary hiring needs and complex, high-volume recruiting. The software accommodates unlimited users and teams with no extra fees. 

What makes AutoRefs fantastic?


AutoRefs introduces a much-needed structure for reference gathering with intelligent tools to wrangle even the most unresponsive referees. The centralised dashboard delivers real-time visibility into pending requests so recruiters can track response rates. 


Configurable automated reminders ensure referees complete references without recruiters having to send individual nags. Recruiters can stipulate response deadlines to keep candidates moving through the hiring funnel. 


Moreover, AutoRefs empowers collaborative, efficient workflows with unlimited users, robust permissions, and bulk upload for scaling, letting teams seamlessly align reference checking with existing talent acquisition processes and team dynamics. 


Rather than repeatedly hassling former supervisors for the same basic details, AutoRefs pre-populates reference requests with critical data. The custom forms then standardise information collection across candidates for consistent qualitative insights. 

Benefits and features

What is Xref?

Xref is an automated online reference-checking software for employers. It allows companies to create reference check surveys, send them to candidates to collect referee details, automatically request references, and analyse the results. 

The cloud-based platform aims to reduce unconscious bias in hiring and provide data-driven insights to support confident talent decisions. With features like ready-made question banks, custom survey builders, candidate profiles, talent pools and more, Xref centralises reference checks to save recruiters time while allowing for customisation. 

Who should use Xref?

Xref’s advanced analytics and bulk processing capabilities make it an ideal fit for large enterprises with high-volume recruiting needs. Automated reminders and one-click bulk sending also simultaneously accelerate reference turnaround for hundreds to thousands of applicants – perfect for recruitment agencies. 

Xref delivers much-needed structure and efficiency gains for HR personnel bogged down by disjointed, manual workflows. Its ready-made templates help quickly systemise previously scattered processes into unified digital protocols. HR professionals can then focus their time on higher-value vetting and candidate assessment using the actionable insights from automated surveys. Staff are freed from the busywork of chasing unresponsive references. 


Trusted by over 300 global brands, Xref simplifies reference checking with advanced automation, enhancing accuracy, security, and compliance. Its algorithms provide deeper insights by detecting sentiment and suspicious activity. 


The platform brings candidate data together and surfaces critical metrics for easy comparison while still allowing for custom, personalised surveys. Bulk actions further accelerate large-scale hiring. With over 10 years of experience refining features to support better hiring decisions, Xref is purpose-built for the unique needs of HR professionals. 

Benefits and features


the differences

While AutoRefs and Xref aim to simplify reference checks, they differ in their focus and features. Xref provides advanced analytics like sentiment detection and suspicious activity monitoring to derive deeper insights from references. In contrast, AutoRefs emphasises process efficiency with automated reminders, response tracking, and compliance tools like eSignatures and GDPR adherence. 

Xref offers pre-made question templates and custom survey building for flexible and personalised reference requests. AutoRefs focuses more on response automation regardless of form contents. It also accommodates unlimited users and teams with bulk upload capabilities to support enterprise-wide scaling. 

Which should you choose?

For most organisations, AutoRefs provides the most well-rounded automation and collaboration capabilities to meet a breadth of needs, with unlimited teams, bulk upload, and rapid implementation suiting high-volume enterprise hiring and lightweight process streamlining. 

While Xref offers advanced analytics, many companies’ main pain points are inefficient workflows rather than insufficient insights. By automatically chasing references while centralising response data, AutoRefs saves significant manual effort. 

Ultimately, AutoRefs balances automation, simplicity, transparency, and configurability. Unless extra analytics around sentiment and activity are specifically required, AutoRefs enables robust reference checks for everything from large HR teams to small businesses with its versatility, making it a better choice than Xref. 

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