AutoRefs: A Game Changer For Recruitment

Automated Reference Checking for both Candidates and Employers

AutoRefs is the fastest way to collect references for applications. Traditionally, before the advent and popularity of SaaS products, employers would send word documents to candidates requesting references. Then a HR person would chase their referees up countlessly due to busy directors and other HR departments not responding to reference requests over email. At the end of the day, there’s no legal obligation to and it is really at the lowest priority of their task lists.

To solve this problem, AutoRefs was developed by entrepreneur, Kasim Javed who first faced the same problem when a previous employee of his provided him as a reference for his new job. Kasim is a busy director of multiple companies and did not have any time to provide a reference. But after persistently being chased up by the company, he promised to respond. 

When it came to responding to the reference request which arrived by email in a shoddy word document that Kasim had to print out, scan, sign and send back, the idea clicked. Why has this inconvenient process not been fixed?

After exploring online, nothing as such existed and thus AutoRefs was born. 

AutoRefs is not only for HR departments and recruitment agencies, but can also be used by any company for any kind of application that requires references.

In addition, AutoRefs can also be used directly by candidates to request their own references in order to strengthen their CVs and improve their job application. 

With the rise of remote working in the post-covid era, it is more important than ever before for candidates to be reference checked. Not only are there millions of people applying for limited amount of job vacancies, but the lack of face to face contact means employers have less to go off when recruiting new candidates or accepting trade applications.

AutoRefs brings the following benefits;

  1. It saves recruitment time
  2. Increases reference response rates.
  3. Increases reference response times.
  4. Saves HR time.
  5. Improves hiring quality
  6. Centralises reference forms.
  7. Improves recruitment compliances and HR practises.

Try AutoRefs today for free with 5 free reference checks and then subscribe for a monthly reference check allowance or buy pay-as-you-go using a credit purchasing system.