AutoRefs makes its way into the Hotel Sector

The UK hospitality sector has an employee turnover rate of 30%, around double that of the UK average. It means hotels need an active recruitment process to source candidates and hire new people quickly.

This requirement is why many hotels work with recruitment agencies for a conveyer belt of candidates, but even a streamlined recruitment process has its inefficiencies. One of these is reference checking and candidate vetting.

There are so many customer service roles in hotels, from the general manager to the cleaners who scrub toilets. Everyone plays an intrinsic role in the hotel’s success, and as such, assuring candidate suitability is critical.

AutoRefs and hotel recruitment

AutoRefs is an automated reference checking tool that hotel recruiters can use to streamline reference checking. It puts all references in the cloud in a single dashboard, fully complying with the GDPR and making it easier for everyone.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a candidate questionnaire.
  • Assign the questionnaire to the candidate via email.
  • The candidate receives an email asking them to provide reference details.
  • AutoRefs sends the reference request to the referee automatically using the details provided by the candidate.
  • The referee completes the questionnaire.
  • You receive the completed reference in your AutoRefs account.

No manual communication is required; you create a questionnaire and send things off with just a few clicks, and your candidate and referee do the same. Easy!

Increased response rates for better recruiting

How many times have you requested references, only to get no reply?

One of the commonest reasons for no reply is the referee not having the time to write a reference. You can hurdle this barrier by making it easier and faster for the referee, and that’s where AutoRefs comes in.

Our pilot tests show that AutoRefs increases response rates by over 120% for hotels, with 7 out of 10 reference requests receiving a positive response.

AutoRefs has a high response rate because it is so easy to use. Referees can provide a reference in less than 10 minutes, and many questionnaires take only 5 minutes to fill in with no requirement for detailed information.

Simplifying reference management

With an employee turnover that is 30% higher than the UK average, hotels have a lot of recruitment administration to handle.

Today, most hotels use a SaaS cloud storage provider to securely store files, like OneDrive or Google Workspace. The problem with these tools is they are generalised and cannot handle the workflow of reference checking.

AutoRefs doesn’t just automate collecting references – it also stores all references in one place. As a user, you get unlimited cloud storage with AutoRefs, letting you store references in one place, accessible from any computer.

If your hotel struggles to keep on top of recruitment processes, AutoRefs takes arguably the most paper-intensive task and makes it easy.

Complete data compliance

AutoRefs is fully compliant with the UK GDPR, perfect for the hotel sector. It is compliant out of the box, securely storing information, with communication handled on dedicated servers with industry-leading security controls.

We’re committed to protecting your data and respecting your privacy. The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) places rules on how we process information, and as such, we have a legal framework for compliance.

Your candidates and referees do not store personal information with AutoRefs, effectively minimising the risk profile of data stored.

Taking the edge off hotel recruitment

Spending an extra few minutes chasing a reference isn’t all that bad until you multiply it across a dozen or so candidates. You could lose hours of your week on something that can be automated and simplified with AutoRefs.

AutoRefs saves you time and stress by automating reference checking. You will unlock time for other things and create a minimum standard for references — every questionnaire you create will be designed to give you the information you need.

Instead of receiving paragraphs and letters, AutoRefs gives you answers to questions and simplifies admin. You can make better decisions based on facts and speed up finding a great employee for your hotel.

AutoRefs works great for all levels of hotel recruitment, whether you are looking for an assistant general manager or hotel security. In fact, many recruitment agencies are using it to provide a better service to their clients.

We invite you to try AutoRefs and see if it works out for you. No credit card is required to sign up, and you will be up and running in no time.