AutoRefs Takes Off in the Care Sector

The care sector has stricter recruitment quality guidelines than most sectors, with a meticulous vetting process to assure candidate suitability. This essential process eats up resources, taking a chunk out of annual budgets.

Traditionally, recruitment processes in the care sector have been untouchable, with anything that proposes shortcuts quickly rejected (and rightly so). But there are areas where time and money can be saved on recruitment.

One of these is reference checking, and following multiple pilots, AutoRefs is taking off in the care sector as a way to improve reference checking. Here’s why:

It meets data compliance requirements 

AutoRefs is a secure, cloud-operated SaaS tool that is fully encrypted. Your candidates and referees do not store personal information on AutoRefs. The platform is fully compliant with the UK GDPR, so it is perfect for the care sector.

Another aspect of data compliance comes from storing reference data across multiple channels. Every channel increases the risk of compromise, and AutoRefs puts all references in one secure system, making governance simple.

It saves recruiters time

Recruiters save time using AutoRefs because AutoRefs handles all communication, and references are collected in the AutoRefs dashboard. AutoRefs can banish emails and cloud storage solutions like Google Docs for good.

The care sector tends to have an amalgamation of communication platforms, which scatters important documents like references and cover letters. AutoRefs puts references in one place to make reference checking faster.

It saves candidates time

Candidates have it good with AutoRefs. Instead of phoning and emailing potential referees, they simply provide reference details via email. AutoRefs then automatically send the reference request out. The process is slick and efficient.

There are also time savings in terms of recruiter and candidate communication since the recruiter doesn’t need to wait for reference details before sending a request. AutoRefs collects the details and automates sending.

It makes it easy for referees

Asking someone to spend time writing out a reference, printing it, scanning it, or submitting it online is not a realistic thing to ask. People are just too busy, and this usually means they put it off or forget about it entirely.

AutoRefs provides a link for referees to follow. Clicking the link takes them to the AutoRefs questionnaire without making an account. Submitting the reference is as simple as pressing the submit button.

It standardises reference requests

With AutoRefs, recruiters create customised questionnaires for referees, enabling a standardised format across all requests. AutoRefs also has templates and a series of pre-formatted questions that can be added quickly.

Instead of receiving paragraphs and letters, AutoRefs lets you get succinct, check-boxed answers to important questions. The references collected are standardised, easy to process, and even easier to interpret.

It simplifies reference management

Recruitment is difficult enough without references coming in by email, post, and being uploaded to cloud platforms for you to download. AutoRefs puts all references in one place, an important feature that brings efficiency to the process.

If you currently get references on multiple platforms, you waste a lot of time chasing them, looking for them, and downloading them. With AutoRefs, reference checks are uploaded to your online dashboard, making management easy.

It increases reference response rates

How many times have you emailed a reference request with no response back? AutoRefs pilots have achieved a 600% increase in customer response rates across the care sector, with over 85% of requests responded to.

AutoRefs has a high response rate because it is so easy to use. As a recruiter, you provide referees with an easy way to create a reference. Referees can create references in less than five minutes versus the 15+ minutes of a standard reference.

How does AutoRefs really work?

AutoRefs handles the communication between the candidate, referee, and you.

The way it works is simple:

  1. You create a candidate reference request in AutoRefs.
  2. You assign a questionnaire to the candidate profile.
  3. The candidate receives an email and provides reference details.
  4. AutoRefs automatically sends reference requests to their referees.
  5. The referees receive an email with a link to complete the questionnaire.
  6. The references are submitted online with no further communication needed.
  7. Your references collect in your online dashboard.
  8. Rinse, repeat!

Overall, AutoRefs is a fantastic tool for care sector recruitment.

If all that sounds like a doddle, why not try AutoRefs risk-free today with a free account? No credit card is required, and you’ll be up and running in no time.