How to implement a reference checking system

Requesting and collecting references for job candidates is time-consuming. When you’re wasting time chasing references with nothing to show for it, the whole recruitment process gets bogged down and impacts other departments.

As any recruiter would attest to, it only takes a few days of frustration to make cutting corners an enticing solution. You might even be tempted to offer a job with no solid references for the candidate in a last-ditch save.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an extra pair of hands to handle reference checking for you? It turns out you don’t need new hands. You only need AutoRefs.

AutoRefs to the rescue! 

Today’s modern recruiters have no such problems because they use AutoRefs. AutoRefs automates requesting and collecting references for job candidates, increasing success rates while putting all references in one place.

It’s no exaggeration to say the AutoRefs reference checking system is beautifully elegant; it is designed to let you, candidates, and referees complete tasks in just a few clicks.

With AutoRefs, nothing is difficult or confusing. It doesn’t even need the referee or candidate to create an account. Candidates and referees follow a link in an email to complete the information request, and it really is that simple.

Here are some of the powerful features of AutoRefs:

  • Questionnaire templates
  • Custom questions
  • Web-based interface
  • Unlimited storage
  • Custom branding
  • Team management
  • Automated emails
  • Easy to use
  • Live chat
  • Helpdesk support
  • Training and tutorials

As we’re sure you agree, these features make AutoRefs a powerful, transformative tool.

Getting started with AutoRefs 

AutoRefs is a reference checking tool that makes requesting and collecting employment references easier for both the referee and requester. It automates the process after you create a questionnaire for the candidate.

If your existing reference checking system involves emails, multi-platform communication and cloud storage, AutoRefs will revolutionise your workflow.

Here’s how AutoRefs works:

  1. You create a questionnaire for the candidate
  2. The candidate receives an email requesting reference details
  3. The referee receives the questionnaire
  4. You receive the completed questionnaire back

It really is that simple — you create a questionnaire and assign it to your candidate in the AutoRefs dashboard.

Your candidate and the referee will receive an email request with a link. Clicking on the link takes them to AutoRefs.

Once received, you can then complete your recruitment process.

AutoRefs is a professional, highly polished tool that oozes quality from the user interface to the design and content. It is designed for professional recruiters, but any business can use it to transform the reference checking system.

Making the most of AutoRefs

AutoRefs lets you create custom questionnaires. You can select from a series of standard questions and make your questions. Questionnaires can have a few checkboxes, or you can request more information with blank boxes.

Additionally, AutoRefs alerts you when references are received, and it stores references securely in the cloud. We give you unlimited cloud storage for references, or you can export them if you prefer to keep them on file on your servers.

AutoRefs is also GDPR compliant; we have robust security practices and are fully committed to user privacy. You can use our platform and assure compliance with the UK GDPR without conducting costly internal audits.

Why use AutoRefs? Is it worth it?

Recruitment is difficult enough without references coming in by email, post, and being uploaded to cloud platforms for you to download. You also have to factor in success rates and how likely referees are to respond.

On average, reference response rates increase 120% with AutoRefs because it makes it easy for referees to provide a reference.

Because AutoRefs is automated after you send the reference request to your candidates, it slashes the amount of time you spend requesting and collecting references. You can sit back and focus on other tasks while the process takes care of itself.

Arguably the most powerful benefit of AutoRefs is format standardisation; by creating a consistent format for references, you can assure minimum reference quality. You can check elements on questionnaires as required, letting you compile maximum information and tick all the boxes you need before deciding on hiring.

Ultimately, AutoRefs is all about making your life easier. It could easily save you hours every week, and that’s why top recruitment agencies use it.

Why not sign up and try five checks for free? It’s easy to get started, and we don’t ask for any credit card information during your free trial.