Bulk Changes

Bulk Changes enables the wholesale editing of references, designations, applicant notes, and relationships. 

Bulk Edits Made Easy

The AutoRefs Bulk Changes tool revolutionises data administration through easy bulk editing of all your data.  

The Bulk Changes capability in AutoRefs transforms how your organisation manages reference and user data, enabling administrators to make sweeping edits to entire databases with just a few clicks. This saves enormous amounts of time and effort. With Bulk Changes, you can add, edit, or delete multiple records with CSV uploads – perfect for administrators and managers wanting to overhaul data. The Bulk Changes dashboard puts editable data in one place, making it easy to perform tasks. 


Streamline Wholesale Changes

Reference checking administration can be an enormous undertaking for sizable companies, but AutoRefs makes it as easy as 1-2-3. 

With hundreds or thousands of individual entries managed across divisions, updating all these records one by one as needs shift is hugely impractical. Bulk Changes solves this problem by allowing batch uploads of modifications via spreadsheet. An administrator can download the complete References table, Designations, Applicant Notes repository or Relationships catalogue as editable CSV files. Once downloaded, additions, revisions or removals are made in the CSVs through Excel or spreadsheet software. 


Bulk Changes for References

The References table contains all collected references for background checks or other purposes – you can edit these in bulk easily. 

Bulk Changes allow administrators to shape accumulated reference information to streamline utility. For instance, batch-enhancing references with additional context make searches more effective. Append location details, job titles, speciality areas or seniority levels across thousands of References through CSV tweaks. New staff or divisions can also be granted ownership of relevant References easily via batch reassignment in the spreadsheet. Other use cases include merging duplicate References, fixing inconsistencies in reference formats, questions, or consents, and adding custom fields for notations. 


Bulk Changes for Designations

The Designations bulk changes feature lets you change job titles and roles commonly recruited for in your organisation. 

Bulk Changes enables centralised management of designations, allowing administrators to create and distribute standardised Designations firmwide seamlessly. Downloading the Designations CSV provides an enterprise-level overview, highlighting redundancies and inconsistencies. Consolidating duplicate titles, eliminating unused roles, and homogenising formats can all be affected business-wide via batch updates here. Furthermore, new titles can be propagated instantly to every department in the CSV, keeping the Designations dictionary dynamic and relevant as needs evolve.   


Bulk Changes for Applicant Notes

A unified library of Applicant Notes enables teams to build custom instructions efficiently while ensuring organisational consistency. 

Applicant Notes provides customisable instructions visible upon initiating a new reference check. However, crafting unique Notes for every situation is labour-intensive—Bulk Changes Centralises templates to foster consistency. The administrator defines standardised Applicant Notes covering typical scenarios like employment, contracts, or character statements. These are added through the CSV for instant organisational visibility. Teams can easily customise notes and rapidly revise any outdated instructions. 


Bulk Changes for Relationships

The Relationship settings dictate the referee relationship options for applicants furnishing references or background verification details. 

Manually tailoring these settings uniquely department by department is hugely wasteful. Bulk Changes enables streamlined organisation-wide configuration. The administrator can institute centralised standards around referee categories and descriptors using the Relationships CSV. For example, they may consolidate redundant relationship types, eliminate confusion, Or deploy refreshed descriptors universally aligned with modern HR practices. Custom categories like peer, colleague, or externship sponsor, which are crucial for specific industries, can also be created once and then propagated firmwide instantly. 


The Power of Bulk Changes

While most tools require manually reviewing each entry for modifications, Bulk Changes introduces easy database-wide transformations. 

Updating thousands of records, eliminating inconsistencies, and customising reference and user configurations with simple spreadsheet tweaks and CSV uploads are game changers for HR departments. You can save thousands of hours through streamlined administration and insight into your data. Seamless integration across departments ensures changes propagate rapidly without duplication of efforts. The AutoRefs Bulk Changes feature offers data control at an unrivalled scale in reference management software. 

You Will Love AutoRefs

AutoRefs revolutionises reference data management by streamlining edits at scale for unparalleled efficiency. 

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