How AutoRefs works

Use AutoRefs to collect your references from past employers. Having your references at hand can improve your job application prospects and save time for your potential new employer to get you started. Simply follow the steps below.

1. Create free account

Signup to AuoRefs as an applicant completely free of charge.

2. Request References

Create a reference request by entering your past employer details.

3. References Collected!

Your past employers will receive a professional reference request.

Trusted Reference Checking Software

Hundreds of employers use AutoRefs to collect applicant references as part of their recruitment process.

Beat other candidates

All major companies have some sort of reference checking. Why not impress them by having your references at hand. By using the strength of your references, you are bound to stand out from the crowd.
  • Free for applicants

  • Professionally request references

  • Fast responses by your referees

  • Receive signed PDF reference

AutoRefs Features

We have covered all angles to help you collect references as fast as possible.

Personalise Questions

Create your own custom question profiles or use our proven questions

Automate Reminders

Don't sit around waiting. We do the chasing for you!

eSignature Consent

Your past employers will provide an important electronic signature.

PDF Report

Download your reference report in a professional PDF

GDPR Compliant

AutoRefs is GDPR compliant, trustworthy and safe.

Completely Free

AutoRefs is completely free for applicants. Unlimited references.

Use AutoRefs to collect references from your past employers to increase chances of getting your next job.


AutoRefs is simple. Enter your past employer details and we do the rest. We will send you an email and SMS once your past employer has provided your reference. Use it when applying for your next job!
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Employment Reference Checking

This is how AutoRefs does its magic to collect your reference.

Create a reference request

Once you enter your past employer details so AutoRefs can do its magic.

Past employer receives email

Your past employer will receive a nice email with a link. They will open the link, confirm your employment dates and answer any questions.

Reference report received

You will receive an email from AutoRefs with your professional reference complete. Download it and use for all your job applications in the future.

Automated Reminders

No need to chase past employers

Question Profiles

Ask any questions you like

PDF Reports

Download reference report

Use for free

Free for applicants

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below some frequently asked questions by AutoRefs users.

AutoRefs has over a 80% success rate. Most likely they will provide you a reference. If they don't just request from another. 

We have some common questions employers usually ask, but if your job application has specifics, you can create your own question profiles.

Yes, once your past employer has responded with a reference, you can download the PDF and simply attach with your job application. 

Yes, we only charge employers for our software. For applicants, we understand you're looking for a job, so we're just helping you out 🙂

Join thousands of successful applicants

AutoRefs is the modern way applicants collect references for their job application. The professional reference report you receive could be the difference in getting a job.

I was applying for a job in security and obviously they were going to do background checks. AutoRefs helped me save time in getting the job.

Ross Greenwood

AutoRefs is awesome!

After constantly being rejected for a job, I realised that instead of me talking, I will let my past employers speak for me. AutoRefs totally influenced my acceptance.

Jamie Leyton

Wish I found AutoRefs earlier

With so many candidates, standing out is really hard. But when I attached my AutoRefs reports to my employer, they got in touch with me right away.

Michelle Heywood

Employment Scene has changed

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