Employer Request

The Employer Request feature lets you seamlessly provide references for former employees. 

Employer Requests Made Easy

Simplify the process of creating professional references for former employees when their potential new employers request one. 

To generate a tailored reference, you must select the Employer Request option and fill in several vital details about the employer and ex-employee. Specifically, you input the employer’s name, email, company, ex-employee’s name, job title, employment dates, National Insurance number, and date of birth. By providing these essential details, AutoRefs can instantly produce a complete, customised reference letter suited to that former employee and their prospective employer. 


Saves You Hours of Time

The Employer Request feature saves HR departments hours of manual administrative work by providing a standardised format for all ex-employee reference requests. 

Instead of creating references from scratch and retrieving employee records each time, you enter the above details, and AutoRefs then automatically generates the complete reference tailored to the specific employee. This automation does away with the need to search through documents and previous correspondence, compile the information manually into a reference letter, and have multiple back-and-forth communications. The significant time savings allow HR staff to focus on more strategic priorities. 


Standardise References

AutoRefs standardises the entire reference process into a simple online format, avoiding the need to manage fiddly PDFs and Word documents. 

The same intuitive template is used for every Employee Request, delivering all the essential details the new employer needs, like employment dates, roles, and responsibilities. This consistency and structure ensure no vital information gets missed while providing a professional, organised reference that impresses hiring managers. Furthermore, the standardised approach facilitates easy generation, formatting, editing, sharing, and management of references across teams and departments. It enables a unified system for creating and distributing consistent, complete references for all employee requests. 


See Employer Requests

The AutoRefs dashboard neatly organises all your references so you can view Employee Requests separately from Applicant Requests. 

This precise categorisation allows easy management, while the dashboard format provides an instant overview of outstanding requests. Toggling between Employee and Applicant Requests takes just one click, facilitating efficient handling of all reference tasks. The intuitive dashboard lets users filter requests by status, date, requester name, and other parameters for more targeted viewing. These robust sorting and filtering functionalities allow teams to seamlessly tailor the platform to their unique processes and referencing workflows. Whether managing a handful of weekly requests or thousands from across the region, AutoRefs makes light work of it


Download References

While AutoRefs enables complete digital management of references, users can also download Employee Requests as PDF files when required. 

The ability to access references offline provides flexibility for organisations with limited connectivity. It also allows storing digital copies according to company records management policies. Additionally, the downloadable PDF function allows references to be quickly sent to ex-employees and employers via email as attachments. A portable, shareable format facilitates delivering references remotely to recipients without access to the AutoRefs system. It also provides recipients with a digital copy that can be saved locally for future reference. 


Manage Ex-Employees

You can add ex-employees to AutoRefs with their details, such as job titles and employment tenure, to simplify reference generation in the future.  

Ex-employees can be added manually or imported in bulk via CSV files. Having ex-employee records stored and managed within the system allows Employer References to be created on demand with minimal effort. Just locate the ex-employee profile and enter the Employer Request details. Storing ex-employee data allows organisations to consistently track requests, performance reviews, and other historical information that may be referenced in the future. It creates a centralised database of past employee records rather than having data dispersed across systems or in filing cabinets. 


Auto-Fill Employee Details

The AutoRefs system has an integrated auto-fill capability that saves even more administrative effort when creating Employer References. 

When you begin typing the ex-employee’s name needed in the reference, AutoRefs automatically suggests matching names from your stored employee records. Select the correct name, and the employee’s details, like job title, employment dates, etc., will automatically populate the form. This eliminates the need to enter repetitive information across multiple references manually. The auto-fill functionality works for employee names and frequently requested employer details. 

Revolutionise Employer Reference Management

AutoRefs revolutionises employer reference management by streamlining the creation process at scale for unparalleled efficiency. 

See AutoRefs Employer
Request in Action

Get a personalised AutoRefs Employer Request feature demo and see how it can transform your referencing. 

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