Question Profiles

Save HR time by using our GDPR compliant reference checking software.

Optimised Question Formats

Enhance your understanding of your survey questions by choosing different question formats that suit your requirements.

Use a mix of different question setups to ensure you receive the responses needed to make informed decisions about which candidates to proceed with. Including other options such as dropdown questions, short text responses, and long text fields, each response can be easily compared with internal measurables to provide a clear view of applicant compatibility. This means you can recruit faster and wiser with no risk of turning candidates cold thanks to a complex application process.


Segment by Team Needs

Create a series of question profiles so that each department can commence the recruitment process in just a few clicks. 

If you want to find the best candidates before your competition snaps them up, you should ensure each department has a tailored set of questions available. Our system allows you to format multiple question profiles suited to department needs. By asking the right questions during the recruitment process, candidates can be placed quicker, and steps can be taken to ensure they are a perfect fit for the department they will be working within.

Pre defined questions

Access to Pre-Defined Questions

Add content to your surveys that will obtain the information you need to make informed hiring decisions.

Created by HR professionals for busy teams, our question bank allows you access to pre-defined content that will help you build robust surveys. Our content enables you to gather all essential information and covers aspects you may not have even thought about, guaranteeing that no stone is left unturned. You can also enhance consistency in your hiring approach, which will help you achieve better results.  


Simple Data Downloads

Gather your data for straightforward reviewing thanks to our speedy export function.

Helping you make candidate comparisons with complete ease, all responses can be easily accessed and downloaded depending on your internal processes. This allows you to streamline operations and obtain an instant view of who is best suited for your current vacancies. Not only does this allow you to integrate data with your systems, but it also means that candidate experience is improved as they can be processed faster.


Zapier Integration

Automate your recruitment process with complete ease.

Our system can be integrated with the Zapier workflow management platform in seconds, allowing you to work smarter. This reduces the time required for manual tasks meaning that HR professionals and hiring managers can focus on providing a personal approach to prospective employees. By giving everyone involved in the recruitment process access to required data, you can ensure that all hiring managers will be on the same page making for less time spent debating suitability.


HR Supporting Features

Make stronger hiring decisions that are backed by data.

Thanks to the expertly chosen questions and candidate-optimised experience, you will receive detailed responses that support the hiring process. This is achieved by allowing you to gain all the information you need at one time to stop you from having to spend additional time interviewing when you feel that data is missing. By pulling together all measurable data and qualitative feedback into one easy-to-digest place, you can have complete faith that the candidates you have chosen are ideal for the position.


Unlimited Usability

One price to pay for as many question profiles as your organisation needs.

Many companies take a mixed approach to hiring, which can mean that disparity occurs. Our system allows unlimited access within your plan to ensure that every department feels supported. This also allows you to spread costs amongst different functions making for a much more cost-effect method of adding new employees to your organisation.

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