Questions Bank

One place to access, organise and reuse all reference questions. 

All Questions In One Place

The Questions Bank feature in AutoRefs oversees all the questions used to build references across teams and profiles. 

Every question created in the system is automatically added to the Questions Bank, centralising content in one easily accessible hub and saving teams from reinventing the wheel each time they need to create a new reference template. The Questions Bank lets you quickly view everything briefly, identifying gaps or duplications. You can also easily add existing questions to new profiles as needed. Having all questions easily findable in one bank makes building new reference templates swift and efficient. 

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Filter By Format

The Questions Bank allows you to filter question formats, including short text, long text, dropdown selections, and numbers. 

Filtering by format lets you find questions quickly according to the response style needed. For example, if you need a question that allows a long-form text response about a candidate’s strengths and areas for improvement, you can filter for long text questions. You can filter for number questions if you need a rating-style question with a numeric response. Having questions organised by format makes it simple to locate the exact question style you need to build optimised reference templates. 

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Filter by Sector

The Questions Bank lets you filter questions according to sector, including options like finance, retail, sales, marketing, technology, and more. 

You can also create your custom sectors, allowing you to quickly identify industry-specific questions for tailored references. For example, if you need questions relevant to an accounting role, filtering by finance would surface targeted content. You could filter by retail if you need questions for a retail manager role. Custom sectors also allow you to categorise questions for your unique industry. The ability to filter questions by sector enables customised, relevant references. 

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Filter by Type

In the Questions Bank, you can filter questions by type, like skills, performance, training, leadership, management, ethics, motivations and more. 

Filtering by type finds questions suited to different reference contexts. For example, filtering by performance would surface metrics-driven questions to benchmark candidate abilities and results. Ethics questions enable references to screen for integrity and values that align with the company. Filtering by leadership could provide questions about oversight abilities, vision, and strategy. The ability to filter question types delivers context-specific content to create high-quality references in every scenario.  

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Ask Anything

With the Questions Bank, you can ask referees anything with no limitations. 

Example questions include listing names on a tenancy agreement, positions held at a company, reasons for departure, strengths, areas for improvement, workplace conduct, reliability, teamwork abilities, communication skills, management competencies, decision-making behaviours, motivations and more. You can also ask about technical skills, special projects worked on, challenges overcome, achievements, accolades received, compatibility with workplace culture, ambition and drive, personal background, education history, and professional qualifications. The possibilities are endless. 

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Reuse and Repurpose Questions

The Questions Bank makes it easy to reuse and repurpose existing questions for new references. 

Once a question is in the bank, you can continually reuse it again and again. You can also make copies of questions and tweak them as needed, customising the wording or answer options while retaining the core question content. This simplifies creating new references; you don’t need to rewrite questions from scratch every time. Whether you duplicate an existing question or use one to inspire new questions, the Questions Bank eliminates redundant efforts. Quickly tailor, enhance and reinvent questions to align with evolving reference needs. 

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Collaborate Across Teams

The Questions Bank facilitates cross-team collaboration, ensuring all staff have visibility and access to existing reference questions.  

As the bank centrally stores content in one shared hub, teams can quickly discover and use questions created by others in the organisation. They can see what question types are commonly used and reuse relevant questions. Transparency stops duplication of efforts between departments. Teams can also provide peer feedback on questions, collaboratively enhancing content. Whether provoking new ideas or actively collaborating, this collective approach raises quality across the board. 

You Will Love the Questions Bank

The Questions Bank revolutionises reference data management by combining your entire library of questions into one easily searchable location. 

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