Never miss another reference with configurable reminders. 

Reminders Done Right

Reminders are a critical component of any reference-checking software. By automatically sending timely reminders, AutoRefs improves response rates dramatically.  

AutoRefs makes it easy to configure reminder frequency, set end dates, use SMS/email, manually send reminders, and analyse reminder logs – think of it as refining your reference-checking process for better results. The dashboard overview shows reference response rates and lets you select a referee/employer to act on requests. You can remind manually or configure an automated reminder schedule for everyone. With granular control over reminders, your reference checks go from hit-and-miss to slick and efficient. 


Set Reminder Frequencies

The intelligent AutoRefs dashboard lets you set reminder frequencies with oversight of active reminders for applicants and referees.  

You can easily set reminders on/off right from the dashboard with toggle buttons, giving you complete control over reminder frequency without any complicated steps. Choose between daily, every other day, and weekly notifications or create custom cycles—set frequency based on each recipient’s preferences and communication style to maximise engagement. Use end-date functionality to keep your pipeline flowing smoothly without hassle and never under or overwhelm applicants and referees again. 


Set Reminders End Date

To prevent notification fatigue and overlap with future reference checks, AutoRefs provides robust tools for setting reminder end dates.  

Upon creating a new request, simply use the built-in calendar selector to choose the last-day reminders that should be active for the associated applicants and referees. This powerful feature ensures referees and applicants do not receive bothersome notifications after their reference check is completed and submitted. It also avoids sending duplicates if the candidate reapplies later for other openings. Keep communication focused solely on active reference requests. The end-date functionality ensures a stellar user experience free of unnecessary reminders. 


Set Up SMS/Email Reminders

AutoRefs enables effortless configuration of SMS and email reminders or communication via both channels for sending automated reminders.  

Deliver notifications directly via the recipient’s indicated preferred contact method or use both channels simultaneously to guarantee awareness. Multi-channel reminders and variable frequency settings ensure applicant and referee requests never slip through the cracks in the pipeline. Consistent automated nudges translate directly into markedly higher response rates and faster completion times. Make missing references a thing of the past with robust SMS and email reminders in AutoRefs. 


Manually Push Reminders

AutoRefs enables on-demand manual reminders to highlight time-sensitive applications or non-responsive referees. 

While automated reminders are powerful, sometimes critical requests warrant a personal, human nudge. Use sparingly for key relationships where the standard automated frequencies may be insufficient to drive timely completion. The manual push feature equips you to adapt communication with the appropriate sincerity and urgency for unique cases. Don’t wait and hope a stuck request gets completed eventually – trigger manual reminders and resolve delays with targeted outreach. 


See Reminder Log

AutoRefs provides instant visibility into a detailed log of all notifications, including delivery channel, frequency, recipient, and response rate. 

Understanding the efficacy of active reminders is critical for optimisation. Analyse the metrics to calibrate the ideal reminder volume on a per-recipient basis. Observing low response rates? Increase frequency. Receiving complaints of over-reminding? Reduce cadence. Continually tailor notifications to maximise results. With data-driven insights into tangible reminder performance, AutoRefs empowers you to send the right reminders at the right time to improve your reference-checking process. 


Configure to Strike the Balance

Securing references requires delicate balancing across various stakeholders, so AutoRefs uniquely calibrates reminders to satisfy everyone. 

You can configure frequency, channels, and touchpoints for each recipient to increase cadence for unresponsive applicants while eliminating unnecessary communication with engaged referees. Manual pushes allow personalised targeting only when required to accelerate time-sensitive requests. Referees aren’t pestered, applicants and hiring managers get urgency when needed, and you maximise success across the pipeline. The result is better results and a happier HR department. What’s not to love? 

HR Departments Love AutoRefs

AutoRefs transforms reference checking across diverse sectors through flexible, easy-to-use software built for efficiency. 

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