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What Are Employers Allowed to Put in a Reference?

References are such a key part of the hiring process that it is essential they are done in the most accurate and professional way possible. They are pivotal for providing prospective employers with accurate insight into a candidate's professional history and background. This is why it behooves employers to bridge...

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What Should Employers Not Do During a Reference Check?

Reference checks are a key part of the hiring process, and you need to make sure you make the most of this. Employers can use references to gain valuable insights into the professional background of particular candidates. But, it is important to understand that carrying out reference checks requires an...

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How Can You Fail a Reference Check Job?

Being able to secure a fresh career path is an exciting prospect, and a lot of people will spend time and effort improving their resumes, and ensuring they ace the interview process. But, the thing a lot of people overlook is the fact that the final (and sometimes the most...

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Do Employers Do Background Checks on References?

When it comes to improving the hiring process, businesses need to look for ways of making this work better. Employers seek to build a team of skilled and reliable professionals who contribute to the growth and success of the company. This is why many employers will often choose to conduct...

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What is an Employer Allowed to Say in a Reference UK?

Applying for a job is one of the most important career decisions a person will take, and hiring a new candidate is one of the most essential decisions that you will take as a business owner. This is why it is important to ensure that you understand the reference process,...

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Does a Reference Check Mean I Got the Job?

What is a reference check? Reference checks are an important step in the hiring process. Your future employer should be able to verify your old job role, responsibilities and any training you may have that could be relevant to your new position. This means that instead of having to hire somebody...

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Do Employers Verify All Past Employment

Do Employers Verify All Past Employment?

We’ve all been there to some degree when writing our CVs… Do we need to include that detail? Is this job worth putting on my CV at all? Maybe no one will notice if we enhance those responsibilities a bit… or will they? Verifying a candidate’s past work history is an...

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Do Employers Usually Check All References

Do Employers Usually Check All References?

Job applications are incredibly difficult processes to go through, with many hours spent perfecting CVs, writing cover letters and filling out application forms - and that’s without mentioning the hours or even days of stress surrounding interviews. But you’ve applied for a job and, like everyone else, you’re wondering: what will...

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Do Employers Actually Check References

Do Employers Actually Check References?

Applying for jobs can be a huge task, and writing your CV can be a very daunting start. Considering the layout and order can be enough of a struggle, without having to think about what information to include concerning your education, work history and other skills. References alone are a big...

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Do I have to use my last employer as a reference

Do I Have to Use My Last Employer as a Reference?

With 95% of employers confirming that reference checks are a vital part of their hiring process, having your references lined up is essential. If you do not have people ready to provide both detailed and character references, you could run the risk of delays taking place, which in the worst case, could...

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Why Would You Ask A Previous Employer For A Reference

Why Would You Ask A Previous Employer For A Reference?

With a third of all UK businesses said to be experiencing labour shortages as we start 2023, you may think, why would you ask a previous employer for a reference when time is so sensitive? Despite the growing need for labour to be filled, at AutoRefs, we don’t think that this should...

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Automate Reference Checking in Style with AutoRefs

In the HR and recruitment side of any business, collecting references is the most crucial but also one of the most time-consuming endeavours you can be faced with. But what if we told you there is an easier way to check references? Well, with AutoRefs, there is now.In this article,...

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What is a Tenant Reference?

Tenancy reference checks are essential for ensuring a landlord experiences a stress-free rental agreement with occupants they can trust. With lots of aspects to consider when allowing somebody to live within your property, you would be forgiven for thinking, ‘what is a tenant reference check’. The reality is that these...

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How to implement a reference checking system

Requesting and collecting references for job candidates is time-consuming. When you’re wasting time chasing references with nothing to show for it, the whole recruitment process gets bogged down and impacts other departments.As any recruiter would attest to, it only takes a few days of frustration to make cutting corners an...

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AutoRefs makes its way into the Hotel Sector

The UK hospitality sector has an employee turnover rate of 30%, around double that of the UK average. It means hotels need an active recruitment process to source candidates and hire new people quickly.This requirement is why many hotels work with recruitment agencies for a conveyer belt of candidates, but even...

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AutoRefs Takes Off in the Care Sector

The care sector has stricter recruitment quality guidelines than most sectors, with a meticulous vetting process to assure candidate suitability. This essential process eats up resources, taking a chunk out of annual budgets. Traditionally, recruitment processes in the care sector have been untouchable, with anything that proposes shortcuts quickly rejected (and...

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Why Reference Checking is more important than ever before

Reference checking has become more important than ever over the last two years because of the shift towards remote working. As employers go digital and more employees look for remote work, there has been a marked increase in candidates applying for jobs. Sorting the wheat from the chaff is difficult due to...

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Use AutoRefs to Reference Check Tenants

As a property letting agent, the last thing you want is to dump an unreliable and untrustworthy tenant on your client. Not only could the client fire you, but your reputation could sink, and you might be liable to insurance claims. Tenant reference checks are crucial when renting property, and although...

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Why Reference Checking in Recruitment is More Important Post Covid-19

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people work, and no industry experienced as great a change as recruitment.  We don’t know for sure whether lockdowns, remote working and furloughs will permanently change the workplace, but in recruitment, we are seeing a large shift in worker expectations for...

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AutoRefs: A Game Changer For Recruitment

Automated Reference Checking for both Candidates and Employers AutoRefs is the fastest way to collect references for applications. Traditionally, before the advent and popularity of SaaS products, employers would send word documents to candidates requesting references. Then a HR person would chase their referees up countlessly due to busy directors and...

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Introducing AutoRefs, a revolutionary new way to collect references

AutoRefs is a revolutionary new employee reference tool that makes collecting and checking employment references easier for everyone including the employer, candidate and referee.

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