Team Management

Customise teams to simplify collaboration and maximise productivity across the reference-checking process. 

Collaborate With Ease

AutoRefs enables smooth teamwork, collaboration, and easy admin control from one dashboard.  

Our software makes cross-functional cooperation easy. HR staff can work with hiring managers to submit requests for job applicants. Sales managers can collaborate with directors to screen prospective new business partners. Need a new team for a specific department, campaign, or project? Select “Add Team” and provide a name like “Sales Q4 Push” in seconds. Want to loop in additional users across departments? Click “Add User”, input their details, and AutoRefs instantly emails login info. This intuitive, unlimited structure fuels productivity by allowing any number of users and teams tailored to your workflows. 

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Add New Users

The ability to add unlimited users is a godsend for large enterprises. Some solutions cap licenses, hampering access. Within AutoRefs, users get operational in minutes. 

HR assistants, sales reps, analysts – anyone can be instantly added by name and email. Better yet, permissions allow customisation. Set User status for basic access or elevate to Admin status for additional controls like billing and data access. New Active users are emailed credentials to log in and set a password. Inactive users await Admin approval. This unlimited user feature paired with adjustable permissions enables perfect access allocation – fantastic for growing teams. 

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Build Teams With Flexibility

AutoRefs empowers admins to architect the team framework to match their company structure and workflows. 

Teams can be independent departments like HR, Sales, and Marketing. Or you can assemble them to mirror locations, campaigns, projects and more. The process is wonderfully simple. Select “Add Team” and assign users to it. Once created, allocating new/existing users into appropriate teams takes seconds by adjusting profiles. This flexibility means Admins can segregate access, ensure team dashboards showcase relevant requests, and adjust teams on the fly without any hassle. 


Segmentation That Clicks

AutoRefs is fantastic at facilitating team segmentation to make light work of complex company structures and systems. 

Enterprises with deep structures, specialised roles and data security needs can seamlessly carve teams. For example, you can split sales teams into East/West or add HR handles for everyone from Admins to the CEO. By naming and coding teams, order emerges from chaos. Users locate appropriate dashboards with requests accessible based on designated teams and permissions. AutoRefs grows with any business. Whether 5 teams or 500, customisable groups enable productivity, traceability, and control over the vital reference process, giving you clarity across your HR department. 


Administrative Superpowers

Within AutoRefs, Admin status grants managers god-like oversight. The range of controls enables effective delegation and governance across all teams and users. 

From a user standpoint, Admins manage everything, including their status, toggling between Active or Inactive, switching User/Admin permissions, altering names/emails, re-assigning team affiliations and more. They also govern company billing/plan access and can view any requests across teams. This oversight means directors can divide tasks, managers can monitor team productivity, and VP-level executives can trace ROI on the entire reference operation. Superuser powers that managers love! 


Scale Anytime

Unlike other reference-checking solutions that falter under growing user and request volumes, AutoRefs scales seamlessly.   

AutoRefs‘ stellar architecture readily adapts across unlimited internal teams, external partners, languages, and global compliance needs. For example, a 50-employee firm with 10 reference checkers can instantly scale to 500 users across 50 teams while retaining oversight of requests, dashboards, and controls. Larger corporations with 500+ screeners appreciate how AutoRefs empowers organisational expansion without burdensome IT administration or third-party identity provider integration. 


Optimised Teamwork

Everything in AutoRefs boosts collaboration and oversight of the reference process. It’s built from scratch to make teamwork easy. 

Managers save time with features that allow bulk changes by users or teams for task assignments, designations, referee relationships and more. Teams also construct shared Profile Question sets with AutoRefs automatically updating upon request creation. All this is baked-in to drive intra-team productivity and transparency over references. There’s no better way for HR departments and other teams to collect and manage references. 

Teams Love AutoRefs

AutoRefs goes beyond slick to be enjoyable to use. Teams love its simplicity and powerful features that enable collaboration. 

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