Why AutoRefs?

As experts in recruitment technology, AutoRef’s is the perfect support for companies of all sizes to run more efficient and results-driven employment campaigns. By acting as a seamless extension to any HR team or offering the option to implement HR support without dedicated in-house personnel, AutoRefs improves every aspect of hiring and onboarding.

Every business, no matter the company size or industry, will benefit from the following when adopting the AutoRef system:

Quick Decision

Quicker decision making

Automated data gathering, top-level candidate sorting and referencing gathering all allow for the recruitment process to proceed more rapidly. This means applicants can be chosen more swiftly, providing a better experience, and improving the chance of securing top talent. 

Less Admin

Less administration duties

Every aspect of the AutoRefs recruitment system is designed to minimise admin time for both candidates and hiring teams. From automated reference gathering, which improves collection rates by 300%, to automated SMS reminders, the system completely manages the entire process in just a few clicks. As well as allowing previously created question profiles to be re-used, AutoRefs also allows access to a pool of expertly chosen questions so that new hiring can be managed easily.

recruitment solution

Company-wide recruitment solutions

Create bespoke question profiles based on different departments, and vacancy needs to ensure your business is always ready to bring in talent. This saves time and ensures that hiring processes can be streamlined, no matter the position that is being hired for.


Eliminate fraudulent applications

Save time and keep your operations safe with automated fraudulent reference checking to identify suspicious applications. This is just one of the many features that improves the chance of hiring quality talent whilst maintaining the security of your company.


Tick all GDPR boxes

AutoRefs is completely GDPR compliant to ensure your company data regulations are being met. By capturing eSignatures for full consent to gathering only required information, the system means that HR legislations can be met even without experts in-house. This also supports a quick onboarding process.


Reduce spend on HR processes

AutoRefs has the power to save your business over £25,000 per year in HR associated costs. From eliminating timely candidate sorting to handling the onboarding process with complete automation, the system acts as a digital HR department for companies of all sizes.


Efficient recruitment solution

Every element from the quick processing to affordable flexible subscription plans that can be stopped anytime is designed to offer efficiency at its very core. The elevated service also improves the chance of placing candidates, meaning that company operations are not impacted by missing staff members.


Higher quality of hires

Thanks to the bespoke question profiling features and detail gathering processes, top talent is never missed in a pile of other candidates. By eliminating bias and being able to access a real-time view of candidates, companies can make wiser decisions and never lose out to competition when it comes to onboarding the right people. Candidates can also be benchmarked fairly allowing for clear views of suitability based on their applied for role.

Loved by HR Departments Worldwide

AutoRefs is used in organisations from all kinds of sizes and sectors including
healthcare, hospitality, education, recruitment, retail and more.

AutoRefs is for everyone

Our solution is universal allowing organisations from all over the
world to benefit from automated reference checking.

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