Zapier Integration

Connect AutoRefs to your favourite apps using Zapier and effortlessly move data between platforms to supercharge your reference checks. 

The Power of Zapier

Zapier is the easiest way to connect AutoRefs with other web apps and services, automatically moving information between your tools. 

These integrations help you build solutions to streamline your work. With Zapier, AutoRefs integrates seamlessly with other software you use every day. Data flows instantly between platforms with no need for complex coding or APIs. Set up triggers and actions to build connections called Zaps. For example, when a new reference check is completed in AutoRefs, Zapier can automatically log it in your project management tool like Asana. The benefit of integrating AutoRefs with other apps through Zapier is the time and effort it saves. 


How It Works

Zapier uses “triggers” and “actions” to automatically move data between web apps, with AutoRefs facilitating these triggers automatically. 

A Zap has one app as a trigger – when something happens in that app, like a form submission or a status change, it triggers the Zap to fetch data from that app. The Zap then flows that data into another app to perform one or more actions. For example, you can set up a Zap so that when a new reference check is completed in AutoRefs (trigger), it posts the reference data to a Slack channel (action). Or when someone fills out a web form (trigger), Zapier logs their details in an AirTable database (action). As AutoRefs has existing templates for many popular apps, connecting your accounts is very fast. 


One-Click Integrations

Getting AutoRefs connected with other apps via Zapier takes just a few clicks, thanks to existing integration templates. 

Select the app you want to pair with AutoRefs, choose the trigger that will start the flow of data, and then choose the corresponding action. Connect your accounts when prompted, and the integration will be live immediately. It’s as straightforward as clicking one button to establish a connection. You don’t need technical skills or previous experience building integrations. Anyone can set up powerful automation to eliminate repetitive manual processes. This simplicity makes Zapier a game-changing feature for improving efficiency. 


Project Management Integration

Syncing AutoRefs with popular project management tools like Asana, Slack and Microsoft Teams through Zapier streamlines tracking reference checks. 

Keep your team updated on progress as checks are completed without copying and pasting. For example, configure Asana so that a task automatically gets marked as complete when a reference check is finished in AutoRefs. Or post details of all completed checks to a Slack channel daily. Automatically add reference contact details to your Microsoft Teams CRM. AutoRefs connects directly with the tools your business runs on to manage references across platforms seamlessly—no more toggling between apps or manually updating project boards. 


Database Integration

Connect AutoRefs to cloud-based databases like AirTable using existing Zapier integration templates. 

AirTable is a versatile platform for creating relational databases and custom CRMs to manage contacts and deals. When a reference check is completed in AutoRefs, Zapier can add all the reference data – like the candidate’s name, referrer name, and feedback – into an AirTable base as a new record. All without any manual work required. You can also directly import databases stored in CSV files, connecting AutoRefs to almost any custom database or CRM—match candidate info to existing records for a complete overview.


Enhanced Reference Management

We invested in building Zapier integrations for AutoRefs to allow managing references across platforms for complete visibility. 

AutoRefs already offers incredibly detailed reports, analytics, and tools for running automated reference checks at scale. Connecting it with other business apps amplifies that power. Our Zaps make collaborating across teams easy, from syncing with project management software to integrating custom databases. Ensuring everyone has complete, up-to-date visibility reduces delays from siloed workflows. Automations handle the busy work so you can analyse and action-reference data. 


Don't Settle for Closed Systems

Many automated reference-checking tools lock your data into their closed platform, forcing you to manage everything within their limited software. 

AutoRefs rejects this closed approach entirely by opening reference data via Zapier. Sync candidate records, check details and insightful analytics with your existing CRM, HRIS, ATS and other systems. Continue collaborating how you want without changing existing databases or workflows. The benefit of AutoRefs being an open system is that reference checks slot seamlessly into your tech stack rather than overhauling it. It’s a better way to transform your reference management process.  

Transform Your References with AutoRefs + Zapier

Supercharge your reference checks with powerful Zapier integrations. Companies big and small are already doing it.  

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